project origin ethiopia

Project Origin supports producers in Ethiopia

Through community projects, investments, and experimentation, Project Origin offers stability to producers and quality to roasters. Visiting the town of Masina in Ethiopia, Project Origin General Manager Habib Maarbani was struck by how few options the people had for drinking water. 
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Easter egg coffee blend

Ona Coffee launches Easter Egg coffee blend

Ona Coffee has announced the release of a limited-edition Easter Egg coffee blend for the upcoming Easter holidays. This special blend has been created using a mixture of single origin coffees from Africa, India, and Papua New Guinea.
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Project Origin

Project Origin raises reputations

When Sasa Sestic first introduced carbonic maceration (CM) to the global coffee community on the 2015 World Barista Championship (WBC) stage, the industry saw the value the new processing method could offer in terms of taste and coffee quality. CM sees farmers ferment coffee in a controlled setting, allowing them to bring out complex flavours and ensure greater consistency.
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Ona Coffee re-releases Unico blend with carbonic maceration coffees

ONA Coffee has announced the re-release its seasonal “roaster’s choice” Unico blend. The Unico blend is an ongoing project by Ona’s roasting team to showcase unique and rare coffees in customised blends. The blend is change with each release, in order to share new roasting profiles and new coffees as they arrive to Ona’s roastery. 
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Ona Coffee

Ona Coffee adds carbonic maceration coffee to Raspberry Candy

Ona Coffee has announced the addition of carbonic maceration (CM) processed coffee to its signature Raspberry Candy blend. “We have been working on [CM] techniques and processing for several years with our partners at coffee farms around the world,” Ona Coffee Founder Sasa Sestic says. “Last year we saw some incredible results from several of these experimental lots from Ethiopia and we are now looking for every opportunity to share them with our customers.”
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Ona Coffee to host WBC-winning coffee cupping

Ona Coffee Marrickville will host a cupping session of Project Origin’s Carbonic Maceration (CM) Selections series on 2 October. The cupping session will allow participants to taste coffees from the different categories of the CM series, including Jasper, Indigo and Diamond coffees. CM Selection coffees exist in washed and natural processes and involve the careful control of specific yeasts during fermentation to create particular flavour experiences.
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