The world returns for MICE2020

BeanScene finds out why MICE2020 is going to be the most exciting one yet and why top industry players are returning.  Melbourne’s coffee culture resinates deep within its laneways, where baristas can be seen serving coffee from an old shopfront, pop-up caravan, or a hole-in-the-wall covered in graffiti with milk crates out the front. It’s these unique characteristics that will be on display when the coffee world comes to Melbourne for the 2020 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE).
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Slingshot Carimali

Slingshot grinders forms European joint venture with Carimali

Australian grinder manufacturer Slingshot has entered a joint venture with Italian coffee machine manufacturer Carimali to to spread its reach to Europe. “The two brands will continue to operate separately while leveraging on mutual strengths and competences,” Carimali says in a public release.
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Host Milano specialty coffee

Host Milano exhibitors discuss specialty coffee training and education

Italian trade fair Host Milano says with specialty coffee gaining increased recognition around the world, ongoing professional development and knowledge in fields the barista is not always familiar with is becoming increasingly important. Mary Mauro, CEO of the Milan-based café consultancy Sevengrams and Host Milano exhibitor, says training has always played a key role in what her company does.
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Carimali Elektra

Carimali acquires Italian equipment manufacturer Elektra

Carimali has announced the acquisition of fellow Italian coffee machine manufacturer Elektra. Elektra dates back to 1947 and is known for its retro and vertically integrated coffee machines. The manufacturer takes credit for being the first to implement the hydraulic unit and solenoid valve, as well as creating the first fully automatic coffee machine in 1984.
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