coffee producers adapt coronavirus

Coffee producers adapt to thrive during coronavirus

Fairtrade is helping producers adapt to the challenges and restrictions of coronavirus so they can continue to farm coffee now and into the future. While COVID-19 has been less widespread at origin than in consuming countries at this stage, producers are feeling the blowback. Peter Kettler, Senior Coffee Manager at Fairtrade International, tells BeanScene coffee farmers have felt disruptions on multiple levels.
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open for business

Open for Business: Fairtrade

The coronavirus has created unprecedented change for most of us. Farmers and workers in the developing world are already among the world’s poorest people, living in communities with weak or non-existent safety nets. This means that any loss of livelihood will be felt all the more keenly and be a risk to their very survival.
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Colombia Fairtrade coffee price crisis

Fairtrade and Colombian President meet to tackle coffee price crisis

The leaders of Colombia and Fairtrade met on 30 May to discuss ways out of the global coffee price crisis, which is driving millions of coffee farmers further into poverty. Fairtrade says prices for Arabica, which makes up around 60 per cent of global coffee production, have fallen to the point where many growers are selling at a loss.
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Fairtrade Fortnight

GlobeScan study finds consumers see Fairtrade as reflection of personal values

A multi-country survey from research and advisory consultancy GlobeScan reveals that a majority of shoppers, including those in Australia and New Zealand, are familiar with Fairtrade and believe it reflects their values. Of consumers who have seen the Fairtrade Mark occasionally or often, a significant proportion, 87 per cent in both Australia and NZ, have trust in the Fairtrade Mark and associate it with providing fair prices, a living income and helping farmers to escape from poverty. Fairtrade says these attributes are crucial to building trust.
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Certification 101 with Service Sphere

When most people look to purchase a new coffee machine, they think about the pressure, the boiler capacity, output volume, design, and price, but what about safety? Selecting a machine with the right certification is critical if you want to keep your staff safe and products in peak condition.  
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