Australian dairy

Dairy in danger

Milk is an integral part of the Australian coffee industry, but prolonged droughts and climate change are placing increased pressure and a greater need for support on dairy farmers. Multiple studies, research organisations, and industry bodies have come to the consensus that by 2050, demand for coffee will double while suitable land for production will fall to half of what it is today. 
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Fairtrade helps coffee farmers prepare for change

Fairtrade is working closely with coffee farmers to help protect future production volumes and combat extreme weather and changing seasonal patterns resulting from climate change. The price of coffee is volatile, and can fluctuate wildly year to year. Unpredictable weather conditions and susceptibility to disease also present significant challenges to growers. As a result, independent non-profit organisation Fairtrade says many of the small-scale farmers who supply 80 per cent of total coffee volumes experience reduced yields and are at risk of producing low-quality crops. Due to systemic inequality in coffee trade structures, many also lack the financial and technical capacity to adapt to or mitigate these damaging effects. 
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coffee extinction

Sixty per cent of coffee species in danger of extinction

Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the United Kingdom have revealed that 60 per cent of all wild coffee species are under threat of extinction in two papers published in Science Advances and Global Change Biology. This includes the wild relative of Coffea arabica, the world’s most widely traded coffee, which has entered The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as an Endangered species, largely due to climate change projections.
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Single O and World Coffee Research bring climate-resilient coffee to Australia

Single O has joined with World Coffee Research (WCR) to launch the No Death to Coffee project, will see the roaster introduce three new climate-resilient WCR-bred coffees to Australia. “We’re passionate about supporting all innovations that will lead to more stability for coffee producers and future-friendly varieties like Starmaya are set to enhance farmer livelihoods. We can’t wait to share it with the Australian coffee community,” Single O Director of Coffee Wendy De Jong says.
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