minas hill brazilian cupping

Minas Hill to host Brazilian coffee cupping in Sydney

Green bean trader Minas Hill will host a cupping of 12 Brazilian coffees at Collective Roasting Solutions in Alexandria, New South Wales, on 21 May. Coffees on the table will include lots from Minas Hill’s producing partners Ismael Andrade, Gabriel Oliveira and Pedro Gabarra, as well as seasonal lots from Bahia State in the Mantiqueira region.
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Habina Resource Centre wins 2018 Papua New Guinea Coffee Cupping Competition

Habina Resource Centre from the Eastern Highlands has won the 2018 Papua New Guinea Coffee Cupping Competition with a cupping score of 85.45. Judges described the coffee as tasting of “tropical fruit, brown sugar, tea, and bright lemon-lime acidity”. Six other producers also scored above 85, with Kamora from Obura-Wanenara at 85.41, Untoa Kosa from Obura-Wanenara at 85.32, Pandai from the Enga Province at 85.27, Tibunofi from the Eastern Highlands at 85.23, Obura-Wanenara Coffee Cooperative Society at 85.16 points, and Besser from Obura-Wanenara at 85.01 points.
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