Mythos 2

Mythos 2 becomes reality

When Victoria Arduino’s Mythos One grinder first arrived in Australia in 2014, baristas were drawn to the machine’s Clima Pro technology, and its other features to improve dosage and espresso extraction. But Victoria Arduino felt it could do better, and after years of development, launched the Mythos 2 grinder in 2018. Michele Mastrocola, Senior Sales Area Manager Asia-Pacific at Victoria Arduino, says the company entered the development of the Mythos 2 with the intention to build on what the Mythos One was capable of.
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Colin Harmon launches Mythos 2 in Australia

Four-time Irish Barista Champion and 3fe Managing Director Colin Harmon helped launch Victoria Arduino’s Mythos 2 grinder to Australian audiences on 23 October. The Mythos 2 Gravimetric launch, host by Espresso Mechanics at Veneziano Richmond in Melbourne, saw Colin and Victoria Arduino representative Michele Mastrocola from Italy present the evolution of the new model and its significant differences from the Mythos One, first launched in 2013.
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Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics to host Mythos Two launch

3fe Coffee Managing Director Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics will host Mythos Evolution, the official launch of the Mythos Two Gravimetric Grinder, in Melbourne and Sydney on 24 and 26 October respectively. Victoria Arduino designed the Mythos Two, and says it moves the boundaries of on demand coffee grinder operating control in terms of temperature stability, accuracy and speed service.
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