ASCA 2020 Nationals plans

ASCA lays out plans for 2020 Nationals

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) has revealed three scenarios under which it could host the 2020 Condesa Co lab Australian Coffee Championships, in a Youtube livestream on 14 July. ASCA President Kieran Westlake discussed the decisions behind these plans, after which Vice-President Bruno Maiolo detailed rules changes affecting judges that would come into effect at the competition.
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coffee producers adapt coronavirus

Coffee producers adapt to thrive during coronavirus

Fairtrade is helping producers adapt to the challenges and restrictions of coronavirus so they can continue to farm coffee now and into the future. While COVID-19 has been less widespread at origin than in consuming countries at this stage, producers are feeling the blowback. Peter Kettler, Senior Coffee Manager at Fairtrade International, tells BeanScene coffee farmers have felt disruptions on multiple levels.
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Harris Coffee café recovery project

Harris Coffee launches million-dollar café recovery project

Harris Coffee has launched the Harris Café Recovery Project, a new scheme to assist coffee shops in rebuilding as they return to serving their local communities. Café owners around Australia are invited to apply for the Harris Café Recovery Project, with up to 25 café owners eligible to receive a share of the $1 million worth of support.
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La Marzocco Australian coffee community

La Marzocco commits to Australian coffee community

It would be fair to say that the coffee and hospitality industry has been hit extremely hard over the last few months by the current COVID-19 crisis. The hospitality sector has been forced to undertake what has been a completely new way of doing business with an uncertain point of return.
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good times milk bar

Good Times Milk Bar reopens with new head chef and menu

Good Times Milk Bar in Bentleigh, Victoria, ​is back in business, officially reopening on the 3 June 2020 with a new menu created by Head Chef ​Matti Fallon. The ca​fé ​says it used the lockdown period to rework its processes, favourite dishes, and takeaway offering, all while implementing new safety procedures to meet current regulations to ensure customer safety.
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Campaign provides internet access to vulnerable children in the Alta Mogiana region during lockdown

Each year since 2008, GIMA (Intermunicipal Games for the Environment) has provided the children of the Alta Mogiana region in Brazil with an opportunity to learn about environmental responsibility. Hundreds of Year 5 students would travel to Bom Jesus farm and join the competition between participating towns. The activities they perform are related to sports, the environment, culture and community, here they develop values such as friendship, respect, excellence, bravery, inspiration, and equality. Prizes include push-bikes, soccer balls, and school supplies.
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Coping with COVID-19

The coronavirus has hit the coffee industry hard. But true to its strength and resilience, many businesses are finding creative ways to stay afloat that could extend beyond the pandemic.
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The New Zealand specialty coffee industry bands together in the face of a complete café and hospitality lockdown.

New Zealand specialty coffee industry bands together

The New Zealand specialty coffee industry bands together in the face of a complete café and hospitality lockdown. Back in mid-March, few could have predicted a complete lockdown of New Zealand for five weeks, followed by two weeks of operating a business at level three restrictions. Overnight, the hospitality industry was halted.
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