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Open for Business: Fairtrade

The coronavirus has created unprecedented change for most of us. Farmers and workers in the developing world are already among the world’s poorest people, living in communities with weak or non-existent safety nets. This means that any loss of livelihood will be felt all the more keenly and be a risk to their very survival.
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open for business keepcup

Open for Business: KeepCup

COVID-19 has asked us all to refresh our understanding of food health and safety regulations created by government to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
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open for business cimbali

Open for Business: La Cimbali

These days, the role of the barista has become more prominent in coffee making, and LaCimbali has started adapting its machines to ease the daily movements that enforce the bond between the barista and their machines.
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open for business maltra foods

Open for Business: Maltra Foods

Maltra Foods is one of the largest food grade powder and liquid manufacturers in Australia, supplying the foodservice and retail markets with high quality café style products. It is 100 per cent Australian, family owned and operated.
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open for business minas hill

Open for Business: Minas Hill

As the only Brazil Specialty Coffee Association member in Australia, Minas Hill has been talking extensively to farmers in Brazil over the last month, especially those who are committed to the Australian market.
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open for business ona coffee

Open for Business: Ona Coffee

Through the recent crisis and the restrictions that have been imposed as a result of it, Ona Coffee has been working closely with its customers and partners around the country to ensure their health, safety, and prosperity.
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