Bureaux Collective

Bureaux Collective to host Taste of Jakarta

The Bureaux Collective will highlight the best of the Indonesian coffee scene when it hosts Taste of: Jakarta at its Abbotsford workspace on 24 January. The event will see Indonesian representatives from Say Something Coffee, 9 Cups Coffee, Pigeonhole Coffee, Juno Coffee Company, and Morph Coffee Roasters roasting “the finest [coffee] Jakarta has to offer”.
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Ona Coffee appoints Tom Beaumont as General Manager

Ona Coffee has appointed Tom Beaumont as its new General Manager. “I have long admired Sasa Sestic and Ona Coffee’s commitment to community and innovation,” Tom says. “I look forward to joining Ona’s talented team on its coffee journey.”  
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Help DineSmart2018 fight homelessness this Christmas

Cafés and restaurants can now sign up for DineSmart 2018, a campaign that sees venues ask diners to leave a small donation to fight homelessness on their bill. Since 2003, the annual DineSmart campaign has seen restauranteurs partner with their diners in the lead up to Christmas to raise funds and support their local community. Together, DineSmart and its partners have helped StreetSmart raise more than $5 million for 569 grassroots homeless organisations, sparking a number of innovative projects that are leading local responses to homelessness.
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