coffee producers adapt coronavirus

Coffee producers adapt to thrive during coronavirus

Fairtrade is helping producers adapt to the challenges and restrictions of coronavirus so they can continue to farm coffee now and into the future. While COVID-19 has been less widespread at origin than in consuming countries at this stage, producers are feeling the blowback. Peter Kettler, Senior Coffee Manager at Fairtrade International, tells BeanScene coffee farmers have felt disruptions on multiple levels.
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Campaign provides internet access to vulnerable children in the Alta Mogiana region during lockdown

Each year since 2008, GIMA (Intermunicipal Games for the Environment) has provided the children of the Alta Mogiana region in Brazil with an opportunity to learn about environmental responsibility. Hundreds of Year 5 students would travel to Bom Jesus farm and join the competition between participating towns. The activities they perform are related to sports, the environment, culture and community, here they develop values such as friendship, respect, excellence, bravery, inspiration, and equality. Prizes include push-bikes, soccer balls, and school supplies.
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coffee crisis

Coffee in crisis: Australia’s response to low coffee prices

Coffee prices are at their lowest in more than a decade. Australian industry leaders tell BeanScene how this affects their relationships with farmers, the local market, and the future of coffee. Where will the coffee industry be in 50 years? A hopeful barista might tell you that coffee will resemble wine, with their role like that of a sommelier, recommending premium coffees from a select reserve list. Another could warn you of the perils of climate change, putting 50 per cent of coffee producing land at risk. But what if we faced an industry in which producers focus solely on volume and cherries are picked by machine?
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Fairtrade Fortnight

GlobeScan study finds consumers see Fairtrade as reflection of personal values

A multi-country survey from research and advisory consultancy GlobeScan reveals that a majority of shoppers, including those in Australia and New Zealand, are familiar with Fairtrade and believe it reflects their values. Of consumers who have seen the Fairtrade Mark occasionally or often, a significant proportion, 87 per cent in both Australia and NZ, have trust in the Fairtrade Mark and associate it with providing fair prices, a living income and helping farmers to escape from poverty. Fairtrade says these attributes are crucial to building trust.
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Cup of Excellence

Nueva Alianza wins Perú Cup of Excellence

Dwigth Aguilar Masias of Nueva Alianzafarm in the Cusco region has won the Perú Cup of Excellence (COE), scoring 91.08 for his washed Geisha coffee. Damián Espinoza García of La Palmafarm in Cajamarca placed second with his washed Yellow Caturra scoring 89.85. Franklin Chinguel Morales of El Romerillofarm in Cajamarca placed third with his washed Bourbon scoring 89.58.
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Perth café launches promotion to support strawberry farmers

Family-owned Perth café Caffn8 is giving customers 10 per cent off their coffee when they display a receipt for a strawberry purchase they made that day. The promotion comes after a rash of incidents across Australia of people finding sewing needles inserted into strawberries. The contamination scandal has caused a crisis within the strawberry farming industry, with multiple businesses forced to recall products.
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A Brazilian commitment

On the day I spoke to Jose Francisco on 8 May, Monte Alegre Coffee was a hive of activity on the first day of harvest. Despite the early mark, conditions were “perfect” – a dry 26°C during the day, 14°C at night, and low 45 per cent moisture.  The cherries were ripe and mature, ready for round one of picking. It’s a process that will go until the end of August.  About 35 per cent is mechanically harvested, and 65 per cent done by hand, a balance of technology and craft to ensure the best cherries are picked.  Brazil’s special climatic conditions are one of the reasons the country has a reputation as one of the biggest coffee producers in the world, and an emerging specialty coffee scene. 
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Devondale Fresh Milk is produced with love and attention because the farmers who make the milk also run the company. 
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