St Ali

St Ali to host official MICE After Party

The official after party of the 2019 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) will be held at Mercedes me in the Melbourne CBD on 9 February. Attendees to the St Ali-hosted after party will be given a complementary coffee cocktailupon arrival by Starward Whisky served through a La Marzocco Linea mini coffee machine.
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Cirrus about sustainability

If we time travel to the year 2020, what would the modern age café look like? Would there be robotic baristas, self-serving espresso machines, and Willy Wonka inspired installations? Many would argue this outlook is already underway. But what about an eco-friendly café? According to Brendan Condon, Director of Cirrus Coffee and Australian Ecosystem, it’s likely that cafés will be operating with 100 per cent renewable energy generated at source or purchased over the grid. Chefs would be cooking on induction cooktops rather than gas, and coffee grounds and food waste will be cycled into cafés’ own pop-up farms. Single-use coffee cups will also be eliminated or at the very least, made of only 100 per cent compostable and sustainable materials. 
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