Scottie Callaghan

Scottie Callaghan in the fine print

While working in Hong Kong for a Chinese start-up named Holly Brown, Australian coffee professional Scottie Callaghan noticed a lack of cafés in the area offering the personalised service he was familiar with. “There was a gap in the market where there was no café offering an Australian espresso bar experience: a friendly barista, ready and prepared to make you a good cup of coffee and do so efficiently, and remember your name – all the little customer service things that are expected in Australia,” Scottie tells BeanScene.
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Habina Resource Centre wins 2018 Papua New Guinea Coffee Cupping Competition

Habina Resource Centre from the Eastern Highlands has won the 2018 Papua New Guinea Coffee Cupping Competition with a cupping score of 85.45. Judges described the coffee as tasting of “tropical fruit, brown sugar, tea, and bright lemon-lime acidity”. Six other producers also scored above 85, with Kamora from Obura-Wanenara at 85.41, Untoa Kosa from Obura-Wanenara at 85.32, Pandai from the Enga Province at 85.27, Tibunofi from the Eastern Highlands at 85.23, Obura-Wanenara Coffee Cooperative Society at 85.16 points, and Besser from Obura-Wanenara at 85.01 points.
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