Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz confirms intention to run for president

Starbucks Founder and Chairman Emeritus Howard Schultz has confirmed he is considering running for presidency of the United States in 2020. “I love our country, and I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent,” Howard said on Twitter. “This moment is like no other. Our two parties are more divided than ever. Let’s discuss how we can come together to create opportunities for more people.”
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Starbucks leader Howard Schultz to step down after 40 years

Starbucks announced on 4 June that Howard Schultz is stepping down as Executive Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors and will be honoured with the title of Chairman Emeritus, effective 26 June, 2018. During his four decades as CEO and Chairman, Howard grew Starbucks from 11 stores to more than 28,000 stores in 77 countries, while demonstrating that a business can simultaneously deliver best-in-class financial performance and share success with its people and the communities it serves.
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