low coffee prices

ICO reports 13-year low coffee prices

In March 2019, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) composite indicator fell by 3.1 per cent to 97.50 US cents per pound, the lowest monthly average of coffee prices since October 2006, when the price was 95.53 US cents per pound. The ICO reports that price movements for all group indicators have fallen, contributing to the low composite indicator.
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coffee prices

ICO reports sharp decline in coffee prices in December

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has revealed that coffee prices declined 8.2 per cent in December 2018. In its 2018 market report, the ICO composite price indicator fell from 109.59 US cents (about $1.53) per pound in November to 100.61 US cents per pound in December. The daily price fell as low as 97.59 US cents per pound on 18 December.
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