Switzerland coffee stockpiling

Switzerland to stop stockpiling coffee

Switzerland may abolish laws requiring the nation to keep stockpiles of coffee, with the Federal Office for National Economic Supply declaring it is not vital for human survival. Under current laws, importers, roasters, and retailers are required to store bags of raw coffee in case of emergency. This includes Nestle, the world’s largest coffee buyer and roaster.
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Minas Hill

Minas Hill Coffee: Our farmers, our heroes

Minas Hill Coffee Founder Marcelo Brussi says his admiration for coffee farmers comes from his relationship with his grandfather, Francisco Brussi, who grew up working on coffee farms.  Francisco’s parents migrated from Italy to Brazil to work in coffee farms before he was born. After his father left the family when Francisco was 10, he, his mother and brother, moved to Sao Paulo. When Francisco was an adult, the State Department of Agriculture hired him to monitor coffee exports, due to his knowledge as a coffee picker and worker.
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Minas Hill Sydney

Minas Hill Coffee expands to Sydney

In April 2019, Minas Hill Coffee will inaugurate a site in Sydney, New South Wales, increasing the Brazilian coffee trader’s presence in the city. “The time has come to Minas Hill Coffee get closer to Sydney coffee roasters,” Founder Marcelo Brussi says.
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Xtracted Espresso Solutions

Xtracted Espresso Solutions to feature Synesso machines at MICE

Xtracted Espresso Solutions has announced it will showcase its new range of Synesso products at the 2019 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) from 7 to 9 February.  “This will be the first time in the history of MICE that Synesso has been available through an independent supply chain. The response we have received so far from the industry has been truly amazing,” Xtracted Director Dean Slade says.
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