Cofi-Com on Kenyan coffee and quality over quantity

Every Tuesday, Dirk Sickmueller, General Manager of premier export company Taylor Winch (Coffee) in Nairobi, goes to auction. Rather than a vision of excited bankers yelling out figures and gesticulating wildly like a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, green bean buyers and local roasters bunker down in a theatre-style auction hall.  The scene appears more subdued thanks to the digital platform the Nairobi Coffee Exchange implemented 20 years back, which only a few months ago had an upgrade to include a web camera and TV screens so that farmers in certain coffee growing regions can watch the bidding action unfold. Prices are displayed on a large digital screen. The numbers fly back and forth, with the final print, or best bid, confirmed or noted to a particular buyer.
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Kenya launches National Coffee Platform

Global Coffee Platform has launched the first National Coffee Platform of Kenya, signifying a major step in the country’s journey towards coffee sustainability. Representing the diverse voices of the many stakeholders involved in the Kenyan coffee sector, the Platform, a locally-driven initiative, will serve as an inclusive, participatory forum to facilitate the alignment and collective action needed to achieve the national goal of doubling productivity and income of the 700,000 farmers who rely on coffee as a source of livelihood. “This is a really exciting occasion for all coffee people in Kenya. One of the biggest hurdles in transforming any sector is that preliminary step of aligning everybody behind a shared goal and agenda,” says Annette Pensel, Executive Director, Global Coffee Platform.
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McCafé launches new coffee blend with Kenyan hit

McCafé has released a new coffee blend nationwide with complex flavours to keep up with Australia’s evolving coffee palate. “For 25 years, McCafé has been part of the daily ritual for many Aussies. As coffee tastes evolve, so does our blend,” says Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing McDonald’s Australia. The last significant recipe change to the McCafé blend was in 2016, following the introduction of group handle espresso machines in 2015, and the launch of McCafé Drive-Thru in 2014, an extension that is said to have transformed the accessibility and convenience of barista-made coffee in Australia.
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