Detpak cuts the rubbish

Detpak rolled out its RecycleMe service in 2018, providing a credible end to end solution for takeaway coffee cups that can be recycled up to seven times. When family-owned Australian packaging manufacturer Detpak launched its RecycleMe system, the goal was simple: to develop a truly recyclable takeaway coffee cup that can be easily recycled using existing paper mill infrastructure, allowing cups to live again as other paper products, contributing to a circular economy. General Manager and Marketing Innovation Manager Tom Lunn says RecycleMe was developed following feedback from the specialty coffee sector looking for sustainable packaging options for their cafés.
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Organic Recycling Group’s recycling solutions

As the population continues to rise, so to does the country’s waste levels. Organic Recycling Group offers simple solutions to prevent coffee grounds and food waste from heading to landfill. Organic Recycling Group’s (ORG) philosophy is centred on three concepts: flexibility, sustainability, and reliability. These pillars are the foundation the company is promoting in the war against waste.     To help achieve this goal, ORG provides cafés with recycling wheelie bins to collect food scraps and coffee grounds. ORG maintains its hands-on approach with cafés through regular follow ups, meetings, and a 24/7 customer hotline. Read More

BioPak fights the war on waste with compostable packaging

Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s War on Waste has thrust Australia’s waste management crisis further into the spotlight, lifting the lid on the volume of food and organic waste that ends up in landfill. According to the episode that aired on 7 August, 60 per cent of household waste ends up in landfill. Media attention has influenced a rise in cup-only collections, but BioPak says this is a temporary fix to Australia’s waste problem.
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Detpak launches coffee cup recycling program

In attempt to save coffee cups across the nation from landfill, Detpak has launched its RecycleMe program to ensure paper cups can be collected, sorted and recycled locally. The Detpak RecycleMe program will support a circular economy to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value for as long as possible. Detpak has aligned with industry partners to collect, sort and turn the cups into commercially recycled paper as part of existing systems in Australia. 
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BioPak teams up with Perth cafés to launch coffee cup composting service

Perth cafés can avoid sending their takeaway coffee cups to landfill with the launch of BioPak’s national composting service. Under the service, customers will be able to dispose of used BioPak coffee cups and compostable takeaway food packaging in specially designed collection bins placed at local cafés or workplaces in Western Australia. The special compost bins will be collected weekly and sent them to commercial facilities to be composted. In eight weeks, the biodegradable products will be turned into nutritious soil compost for gardens or farms.
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Takeaway coffee cups may be banned by 2023

According to an Australian Senate inquiry, single-use plastics such as coffee cups with plastic linings, could be banned by 2023. The Senate Environment and Communications References Committee, Never waste a crisis: the waste and recycling industry in Australia, was released this week, detailing 18 recommendations and a full report on ways to reduce landfill and improve the quality of recycling. The inquiry into Australian’s recycling crisis has also recommended the ban on takeaway containers and chip packets. 
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