ona coffee flavours autumn

Ona Coffee shares the Flavours of Autumn

Ona Coffee has released a new, dessert-inspired series of coffee blends named Flavours of Autumn. Each of these three blends is inspired by a different dessert, and the Ona Coffee roasting team has selected and mixed various coffees together to replicate these desserts in the flavour profile of the blends.
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Ona Coffee spring

Ona Coffee releases spring-themed coffee blends

Ona Coffee has announced the release of several themed coffee blends to celebrate spring, each designed to taste like a different spring flower and fruit. The blends, named Jasmine and Peach, Violet and Blueberry, and Strawberry and Rose, are each roasted and blended for different methods of preparation.
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Easter egg coffee blend

Ona Coffee launches Easter Egg coffee blend

Ona Coffee has announced the release of a limited-edition Easter Egg coffee blend for the upcoming Easter holidays. This special blend has been created using a mixture of single origin coffees from Africa, India, and Papua New Guinea.
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