Grinder COffee pandemic

Grinders Coffee supports customers during pandemic

Grinders Coffee Roasters has committed to supporting its customers during the coronavirus pandemic. “This week, and the coming weeks, will remain challenging times for all Australians but by working together, we can come out stronger on the other side,” Grinder Coffee General Manager Sally Byrne says.
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Online course encourages hospitality industry to ask R U OK?

Suicide prevention charity R U OK? is working with the hospitality sector to find better ways to ensure the industry is equipped to handle the of an exciting, yet demanding, workplace. R U OK?, funded with the help of Comcater and Food for Thought, has teamed up with hospitality training provider Allara Learning to develop a new online short course to educate hospitality workers.
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How to have healthy communication in the workplace

It’s 9:03am on a beautiful Friday morning in Sydney. It’s a fresh 22°C. The sun is shining and you’ve just started making a three-quarter skinny flat white for one of your loyal customers. You’ve got a smile on your face and your customer is pumped to see you. After a few minutes chatting, they leave for work with their coffee in hand.  From the outside everything seems perfect. But little did that customer know you’d been standing with direct sunlight in your face since 7am. The glare from your shining polished coffee machine is starting to give you a headache, and although you’ve mentioned it to your manager, nothing gets done about it. This has been happening for the last month since summer started because your boss wants to let in as much sunlight as possible. Apparently, “customers love it”. The situation has become so bad you dread coming to work and standing in the sun for six hours until it passes at around 2pm. What would you do?
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