Black Russian Caravan Bar

Coming from a government background, Brogan Hanrahan did not have any prior experience in hospitality when she launched Black Russian Caravan Bar. Instead, she had to teach herself about a market she had no knowledge of when she launched the mobile café. “When I moved to Katherine from Darwin, I noticed there was such a gap in the café market,” Brogan says. “It was a challenge. I’m a first-time business owner as well but I kind of learnt along the way.”
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The Good Cartel

The Good Cartel serves more coffee each week than town’s population

Broome café The Good Cartel has revealed it makes approximately 15,000 cups of coffee a week, more than the town’s population of almost 14,000. From its beginnings as a small food truck, The Good Cartel says it has grown to become Broome’s go-to destination, an alfresco dining and drive-through restaurant.
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