Mythos Two

Mythos Two Gravimetric

The Mythos Two Gravimetric ensures maximum density and accuracy. Together with the gravimetric machine, the brew ratio is consistent to always offer the best espresso. The dose remains unchanged even if you change the granulometry setting. This patented system, introduced in the new variable speed motor, produces three beneficial effects: it provides a consistent speed from the first second, reduces the temperature modes, and ensures effective energy savings. 
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Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics to host Mythos Two launch

3fe Coffee Managing Director Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics will host Mythos Evolution, the official launch of the Mythos Two Gravimetric Grinder, in Melbourne and Sydney on 24 and 26 October respectively. Victoria Arduino designed the Mythos Two, and says it moves the boundaries of on demand coffee grinder operating control in terms of temperature stability, accuracy and speed service.
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