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Victoria Arduino upgrades Mythos grinder

The Mythos grinder from Victoria Arduino has been upgraded to allow greater grinding precision and control with improved user experience. This enables all the baristas, roasteries, and chains who already appreciate the grinder to reach new levels of perfection. Read More
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How water, group, and steam temperature can improve coffee consistency

Espresso machine manufacturer Nuova Simonelli has shared advice on how baristas can control the temperature of their coffee to achieve better consistency. Nuova Simonelli says consistency is critical: “Without it, espresso quality will fluctuate, recipes will be hard to refine, and returning customers looking for another one of those ‘amazing coffees’ they drank last time will end up leaving disappointed.”
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The rise of Puqpress

Puqpress automates the coffee tamping process using advanced technology to solve a simple problem and take pressure off the barista. Jackup rigs are huge ships that weigh tens of thousands of tonnes. Once set up in the middle of the ocean, these behemoths raise themselves above sea level using long and sturdy stilts that shoot down to the ocean floor.
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Mythos Two

Mythos Two Gravimetric

The Mythos Two Gravimetric ensures maximum density and accuracy. Together with the gravimetric machine, the brew ratio is consistent to always offer the best espresso. The dose remains unchanged even if you change the granulometry setting. This patented system, introduced in the new variable speed motor, produces three beneficial effects: it provides a consistent speed from the first second, reduces the temperature modes, and ensures effective energy savings. 
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Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics to host Mythos Two launch

3fe Coffee Managing Director Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics will host Mythos Evolution, the official launch of the Mythos Two Gravimetric Grinder, in Melbourne and Sydney on 24 and 26 October respectively. Victoria Arduino designed the Mythos Two, and says it moves the boundaries of on demand coffee grinder operating control in terms of temperature stability, accuracy and speed service.
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Peter Giannitsios says coffee wasn’t his main focus when he opened Canberra’s BrewBar in 2007. But 11 years later, a second venue, and an investment in state-of-the-art coffee equipment has changed that. “We’re evolving every day and constantly growing. There’s always something better around the corner and we’re always looking for it,” Peter says.  The family business on Anketell Street in Canberra has benefitted from its proximity to a shopping centre, where customers on the go come for a light lunch and specialty coffee, something other cafes at the time of opening didn’t serve. 
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