Project Origin gives back to farmers

Project Origin is working with coffee farmers in Nicaragua to promote social sustainability by asking producers “what can we do to help?” Sasa Sestic, Founder of green bean trader Project Origin, has been working closely on a farm called El Árbol in, Dipilto, Nicaragua with co-owners Tim Willems and Claudia Lovo for more than three years to improve its coffee and the livelihood of the farming community.  Read More
Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence breaks several records in 2018

Several Cup of Excellence (COE) records were broken in the 12 CEO competitions held in 11 producing countries in 2018. The Costa Rican COE saw the winning lot from producer Luis Ricardo Calderon Madrigal receive the highest price ever paid for a COE coffee at US$300.09 (about $420) per pound. This was more than double the previous COE record for any country.
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Project Origin opens applications for Nicaragua Farm Experience

Project Origin is accepting applications for its Nicaragua Farm Experience, to be held at Finca El Árbol in Nicaragua. El Árbol Co-Producer Claudia Lovo will host the course, which aims to educate coffee professionals and enthusiasts on the process of coffee planting, growing, processing and grading from farm to cup. Project Origin General Manager Habib Marbaani says that the course focuses not only on practical farming and processing, but on the community aspect of coffee farming.
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ACE moves COE award winning coffees as Nicaragua violence escalates

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) has made the decision to immediately export the 2018 Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence (COE) award winning coffees to California following political instability in Nicaragua. The emergency call was made after Nicaraguan authorities killed a number of protesting students in Managua, the week after the 2018 Nicaraguan COE took place in Matagalpa on 18 April. 
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