Kickstarting your coffee business with equipment finance

Sitting at your favourite café, sun streaming in from the windows, watching people talk and laugh and sip coffee – it makes some of us (the crazy ones!) want to open a café of their own. Like all businesses, you need capital to get it off the ground. In the coffee game, the second most important expenditure after your space is your equipment.
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opening a café

The dos and don’ts of opening a café

Mocopan Coffee’s Kyle Rutten on opening a café, and why it’s more important than ever to understand your market and stand out from the crowd. The modern café market is a very dynamic one. While there are many simple yet successful cafés operating today, it’s not as easy as it once was to get people through the door. Once upon a time a simple window sign that read “coffee” with a large lurking coffee machine in the background was all you needed to attract a crowd. Today it’s about more than just the caffeine kick. Customers want the story, the flavour, and the trust that the person making their coffee is excellent at it, and a great environment to experience it in. We want it all. 
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