CWE Coffee

Coffee Works Express: a partner for life

BeanScene talks to Coffee Works Express about how its longstanding partnerships have been critical in overcoming the challenges presented by COVID-19, and why relationships are the foundation to success. Read More
Slingshot Carimali

Slingshot grinders forms European joint venture with Carimali

Australian grinder manufacturer Slingshot has entered a joint venture with Italian coffee machine manufacturer Carimali to to spread its reach to Europe. “The two brands will continue to operate separately while leveraging on mutual strengths and competences,” Carimali says in a public release.
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Lavazza partners with tennis legend Andre Agassi

Lavazza has announced a new global collaboration featuring tennis legend Andre Agassi. The partnership positions Andre as Lavazza’s spokesperson for the world of tennis through an “I’m Back” campaign, which officially kicked off at the US Open in York City on 30 August.
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