Detpak RecycleMe

Detpak RecycleMe system completes the paper chain

The Detpak RecycleMe System provides recyclable cups alongside collection and guaranteed recycling logistics. Since the ABC TV series War on Waste drew attention to the more than one billion coffee cups sent to landfill every year, consumers, cafés, and companies have taken large strides to reduce single-use cup waste. One such company is Australian owned packaging manufacturer Detpak, which initiated a rollout of its RecycleMe System with customers in November 2018, providing a solution for takeaway cups. 
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Planet Ark endorses Detpak RecycleMe System

Detpak’s RecycleMe system is now endorsed by leading environmental foundation Planet Ark. Detpak calls RecycleMe an innovative cup and lid recycling system that is a positive environmental solution, guaranteeing all collected cups and lids will be recycled.
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Planet Ark partners with roasters to trial coffee diversion program

A new Planet Ark trial aims to divert spent coffee grounds from landfill and repurpose them into higher value uses. Planet Ark will begin the Coffee 4 Planet Ark two-month trial in September in Sydney in collaboration with leading coffee roasters and founding members Allpress Espresso, Genovese Coffee, Grinders Coffee and Lavazza. Tata Global Beverages via its Map Coffee brand will collect spent coffee grounds from limited corporate businesses in Melbourne.
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