Detpak Plastic Free July

Detpak sets Plastic Free July challenge

This Plastic Free July, Detpak is encouraging people to look for the hidden plastics in their takeaway packaging and find recyclable alternatives. Marketing and Innovation General Manager Tom Lunn says many single-use takeaway food packaging items contain a plastic coating or lining, which may not be obvious to the consumer. “There is much confusion in the market place about what is a good environmental packaging choice,” he says.
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qantas biopak

BioPak and Qantas partner to launch world’s first zero-waste flight

Australian airline Qantas soared to new heights with launch of the world’s first ever zero-waste flight, with the help of environmentally friendly packaging company BioPak. Flying from Sydney to Adelaide on 8 May, the flight is part of Qantas’s wider initiative to remove 100 million single-use plastic items per annum by 2020. “We want to give customers the same level of service they currently enjoy, but without the amount of waste that comes with it,” Qantas Domestic CEO Andrew David said.
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coffee cups

Takeaway coffee cups may be banned by 2023

According to an Australian Senate inquiry, single-use plastics such as coffee cups with plastic linings, could be banned by 2023. The Senate Environment and Communications References Committee, Never waste a crisis: the waste and recycling industry in Australia, was released this week, detailing 18 recommendations and a full report on ways to reduce landfill and improve the quality of recycling. The inquiry into Australian’s recycling crisis has also recommended the ban on takeaway containers and chip packets. 
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