coffee producers adapt coronavirus

Coffee producers adapt to thrive during coronavirus

Fairtrade is helping producers adapt to the challenges and restrictions of coronavirus so they can continue to farm coffee now and into the future. While COVID-19 has been less widespread at origin than in consuming countries at this stage, producers are feeling the blowback. Peter Kettler, Senior Coffee Manager at Fairtrade International, tells BeanScene coffee farmers have felt disruptions on multiple levels.
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coffee crisis

Coffee in crisis: Australia’s response to low coffee prices

Coffee prices are at their lowest in more than a decade. Australian industry leaders tell BeanScene how this affects their relationships with farmers, the local market, and the future of coffee. Where will the coffee industry be in 50 years? A hopeful barista might tell you that coffee will resemble wine, with their role like that of a sommelier, recommending premium coffees from a select reserve list. Another could warn you of the perils of climate change, putting 50 per cent of coffee producing land at risk. But what if we faced an industry in which producers focus solely on volume and cherries are picked by machine?
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Grinders Coffee to support farmers this Fairtrade Fortnight

Grinders Coffee Roasters, Australia’s largest branded roaster of Fairtrade green beans, has partnered with Woolworths to support coffee farmers and raise consumer awareness this Fairtrade Fortnight, taking place from 3 to 16 August. “Our close relationship with Fairtrade is very important to our commitment to leading a sustainable future for the coffee industry, and delivering better outcomes for coffee communities,” says Grinders General Manager Neale Wood. Fairtrade is an independent certification system that provides farmers and workers in developing countries with practical and technical support to grow their businesses and support their local communities.
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3Brothers Coffee invests in human development and sustainable practices

When Tercio and Thiago Borba first visited the Caparaó Region of Brazil four years ago, they noticed the collective lack of support farming families had to achieve consistent coffee quality.   “We felt that we had to find a better way for these producers to have free access to knowledge so there would be a legacy for producing families and their region,” says Tercio of 3Brothers Coffee, an importer of Brazilian specialty coffee. 
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Fairtrade: time for a fair go

The green bean landscape is crowded with choice and variety, including ethically sourced products. BeanScene speaks to Fairtrade ANZ about the questions most roasters want to know.
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