Slayer Steam X

Coffee Works Express announces Slayer Christmas promotion

Australian importer Coffee Works Express has launched its Christmas promotion, providing discounts across its line of Slayer and Slayer Steam X espresso machines. A Slayer V3 Espresso three group can be purchased for $25,970 plus GST, for a saving of $8315. A Slayer V3 Espresso two group can be purchased for $21,735 plus GST, for a saving of $6150.
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Perth café launches promotion to support strawberry farmers

Family-owned Perth café Caffn8 is giving customers 10 per cent off their coffee when they display a receipt for a strawberry purchase they made that day. The promotion comes after a rash of incidents across Australia of people finding sewing needles inserted into strawberries. The contamination scandal has caused a crisis within the strawberry farming industry, with multiple businesses forced to recall products.
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Meet With A Poem on World Coffee Day

Julius Meinl is set to launch its annual Meet With A Poem campaign in cafés, restaurants and hotels globally on World Coffee Day, 1 October.  “We are proud to once again demonstrate the positive power of poetry through these creative initiatives,” Julius Meinl CEO Marcel Löffler says. “To have our café, restaurant and hotel partners throughout the world join us is fantastic, with the shared aim of providing coffee and tea drinkers a space in which they can reconnect with friends, share a moment and draw inspiration, with coffee serving as creative fuel.”
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