single-use plastics ban

No time to waste: Could a coffee cup ban work?

Two years on from the War on Waste movement, BeanScene looks at what has actually changed in the Australian coffee industry and the efficacy of a single-use plastics ban. Thousands of Australians order coffee to go from their favourite cafés every day, leaving with their precious beverage safely contained in a roughly eight-ounce paper cup. For many of them, once the coffee is gone, the cup is no longer of any use and disposed of without a second thought. That’s the problem.
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qantas biopak

BioPak and Qantas partner to launch world’s first zero-waste flight

Australian airline Qantas soared to new heights with launch of the world’s first ever zero-waste flight, with the help of environmentally friendly packaging company BioPak. Flying from Sydney to Adelaide on 8 May, the flight is part of Qantas’s wider initiative to remove 100 million single-use plastic items per annum by 2020. “We want to give customers the same level of service they currently enjoy, but without the amount of waste that comes with it,” Qantas Domestic CEO Andrew David said.
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disposable coffee cups

Qantas to ditch disposable coffee cups

The Qantas Group has announced plans to replace its disposable coffee cups with recyclable and compostable options as part of its new waste initiative scheme. As a major environmental push, the Qantas Group – including Qantas, QantasLink, and JetStar – plans to become the first airline to reuse, recycle and compost 75 per cent of its waste by the end of 2021.
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