raw qualities of coffee

Fit for the grind: Discerning the raw qualities of coffee

A remarkable coffee experience is contingent on the raw materials used. And for three-time Australian Barista Champion Craig Simon, there’s much joy to be had in the exploring of coffee. “The flavours of coffee are so varied and unique, and sometimes you just have that truly amazing experience, which you wouldn’t have had without continuing to explore,” says Craig, who is also Head of the Australian Roaster’s Guild. “It’s the raw materials you’re essentially drinking. So, invest in a great piece of equipment and then spend the rest of your time exploring those great raw materials and how to get the best out of them in the coffee making process.”
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PNG farmer Mitchell Ricky discusses quality improvement this Fairtrade Fortnight

To commemorate Fairtrade Fortnight – 2 to 15 August – Fairtrade arranged for Papua New Guinea coffee farmer Mitchell Ricky to travel to Australia and New Zealand to discuss how the organisation has aided producers in the Highlands Organic Agricultural Cooperative (HOAC). A third-generation coffee farmer, Mitchell tells BeanScene coffee farming has become like tradition in Papua New Guinea.
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Dairy Farmers milk

Quality milk makes quality coffee. Dairy Farmers has been providing quality milk since 1900, so it’s no wonder it is Australia’s most trusted milk brand.
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