Toby's Estate

How Toby’s Estate remains on the front foot

BeanScene talks to Toby’s Estate about how the established coffee roaster continues to grow and innovate while maintaining its quality and connection to origin. Not many coffee roasters have the capacity or expertise to produce seven different single origins a month, but Toby’s Estate is one of them.
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Sunny Queen French toast

Sunny Queen says ‘bon appétit’ with snap-frozen French toast

Sunny Queen has released a snap-frozen French toast that fulfils the café market’s need for versatile, practical, and high-quality breakfast alternatives. Out-of-home breakfast consumption is growing year on year in Australia, with NPD Crest placing the market’s worth at $7.4 billion in 2018.
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Milklab café recipe competition

Milklab launches café recipe competition

Dairy alternative producer Milklab has announced the launch of an online café recipe competition on 15 April. The Milklab Café Recipe competition will run on Instagram and asks entrants to submit their favourite café recipe using Milklab products. The 10 winning recipes will form the next Milklab recipe collection and the winners will receive a year’s supply of Milklab products.
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