Ethiopia Cup Excellence auction

Ethiopia Cup of Excellence auction breaks several records

The 2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence (COE) auction broke records, with total sales of US$1,348,690 (about $1,966,738) topping the previous record of US$830,245 from El Salvador in 2011. The El Salvador auction had 42 lots for sale, while the COE Ethiopia auction included only 28, achieving a record-high average price of US$28 per pound.
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elida estate geisha

Elida Estate natural ASD Geisha makes Best of Panama auction history at US$1029 per pound

After setting a new record for the highest score in the 2019 Best of Panama (BoP) competition in May, Elida Estate’s natural Geisha has done the same in the BoP auction on 17 July, selling for US$1029 per pound (about $1464). Buyers of the coffee include the Japanese Saza Coffee in Japan, Taiwanese Black Gold, OK Lao, Haaya Gourmet Coffee, HWC Roasters, and On The Up, British Difference Coffee, American Klatch Coffee, Willoughby’sCoffee & Tea, and Dragonfly, Chinese Coffee Tech and Grand Cru Coffee, Malaysian The Hub Coffee, and Australian Aroma Coffee.
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Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence breaks several records in 2018

Several Cup of Excellence (COE) records were broken in the 12 CEO competitions held in 11 producing countries in 2018. The Costa Rican COE saw the winning lot from producer Luis Ricardo Calderon Madrigal receive the highest price ever paid for a COE coffee at US$300.09 (about $420) per pound. This was more than double the previous COE record for any country.
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Costa Rican Gesha breaks COE record at US$300 per pound

The 2018 Costa Rican Cup of Excellence (COE) auction has made history.  Producer Luis Ricardo Calderon Madrigal has received the highest price ever paid for a COE coffee at US$300.09 per pound. Luis of Dan Cayito farm entered just one sample in the 2018 COE competition and placed first with a score of 91.29 points for his honey Gesha coffee. 
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