brambati ecodesign

Brambati Ecodesign

Ecodesign represents an organisation in respect of the environment, which requires the valuation and minimisation of the negative impact that each product or service causes during its entire life, from the beginning of its existence through to its dissolution.  
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Probat to launch subsidiary at World of Coffee

Probat subsidiary Kirsch + Mausser will make its trade show debut at World of Coffee in Berlin, Germany from 6 to 8 June. Kirsch + Mausser is a German-based roasting machine manufacturer that places emphasis on “retro” designed equipment to meet the ever-growing demand for individual roasting solutions.
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Loring S7 Nighthawk

The Loring S7 Nighthawk lands in Australia

Loring’s new S7 Nighthawk has made its Australian debut, providing an opportunity for newcomers to enter the roasting industry, and pre-existing customers to roast with greater flexibility. After years working behind a coffee machine – tamping, extracting, and texturing – many professional baristas look to roasting as the next step in their career progression. American manufacturer Loring heard the industry’s calls for an entry-level roaster, and has responded with the small-scale S7 Nighthawk, which reached Australian shores in February. Independent United States roasting consultant Rob Hoos is excited to share with Australia what the seven-kilogram roaster has to offer.
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Aillio IBTS Bullet R1

Aillio announces update to Bullet R1 roaster

Aillio has announced the inclusion of a new infrared bean temperature sensing system (IBTS) to its Bullet R1 coffee roaster. The roasting machine manufacturer says it is well-known that the thermometric lag of traditional bean probes creates data that is inconsistent and of limited use.
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