Satake FMS2000-F

The Satake Pikasen FMS2000 is a compact, cost-effective optical sorter, ideal for green bean and roasted coffee industries.  It is critical for high quality, specialty beans to present an accurate and uniform colour to customers. 
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How Satake sorts the good beans form the bad

In the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, golden chocolate eggs are placed on an eggdicator scale to determine if they’re good or bad. Good eggs are shipped out. Bad eggs go down the garbage chute into the incinerator. Even spoilt child Veruca Salt is sent down the garbage chute. When it comes to separating good green or roasted beans from bad, the same theory applies using Satake’s range of optical sorters.  Sid Jain, Satake Australia’s Optical Sorting Sales Engineer, says having a clean bean is the difference between a good flavour in the cup and an excellent one. 
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