plastic straws

Coca-Cola to stop distributing plastic straws

Coca-Cola Amatil has announced that from February, it will no longer distribute plastic straws or stirrers in Australia. Instead, the company will stock fully recyclable and biodegradable Forest Stewardship Council-accredited paper straws, sourced from suppliers BioPak and Austraw.
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Sydney Opera House joins #SydneyDoesntSuck campaign to ditch plastic straws 

To help fight the war on waste, the Sydney Opera House and Solotel Group’s Sydney Opera Bar has committed to ditching single-use plastic straws, saving 1.1 million straws each year.  All of the Opera House’s onsite restaurants will be plastic straw free by August 1, 2018, with straws only made available on request to patrons who specifically require them. The move is estimated to save more than two million straws each year across the precinct.
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Starbucks to eliminate plastic straws by 2020

Starbucks has announced it will eliminate single-use plastic straws from more than 28,000 company operated and licensed stores by 2020. In the announcement on 9 July, Starbucks revealed it will by making a strawless lid or alternative-material straw options available around the world. It anticipates the move will eliminate more than one billion plastic straws per year from Starbucks stores.
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