eagle one

Eagle One

The Eagle One is the latest espresso machine from Victoria Arduino. It achieves new levels of energy optimisation with its new NEO (New Engine Optimisation) engine, which guarantees high performance while reducing the energy consumption of the machine.
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Lavazza TOwardTOmorrow

Lavazza announces the winner of TOwardTOmorrow sustainability competition

Lavazza has announced United Kingdom artist Prickly Sauce, or Rob Thomas, as the winner of its TOwardTOmorrow artistic Instagram competition. TOwardTOmorrow aimed to raise awareness of sustainability and align with NGOs across the world using art as a bridge to urgent change. Prickly Sauce’s artwork was selected from more than 400 entrants due to embodying Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.
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Automation key to the future of café culture: Seven Miles report

As restrictions ease and the hospitality industry looks to the new way of working in the wake of COVID-19, a new report from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters predicts automation will lead the coffee industry in the coming years. As restrictions ease in many parts of the country, Dr Adam Carr, Head of the Coffee Science and Education Centre (CSEC) at Seven Miles, is releasing Café 2025 to help support the industry through the recovery process.
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brambati ecodesign

Brambati brings Ecodesign to coffee roasters

Italian roasting manufacturer Brambati is implementing Ecodesign into its manufacturing processes to reduce its environmental footprint from the inside out. In the international coffee industry, sustainability has become a major focus across all levels of the supply chain. The push for a greener future has manifested in many forms, including an increase in demand for reusable or recycled cups, businesses choosing to adopt solar power, and the development of more biodegradable products.
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