St Remio

St Remio: Coffee with a conscience

St Remio is committed to empowering the lives of Rwanda’s female coffee producers and promoting the stories behind each cup. June 21 was no ordinary day for St Remio Director Julia Tink and Founder Trent Knox. As they emerged from their car at the top of a hill overlooking the Rukara suburb in the Kayonza district of Rwanda, they heard singing and chanting in the distance. Drawn to the sounds, the husband-and-wife team made their way down the dusty clay path holding hands. Tears rolled down Julia’s face as she saw the joyous expressions of 150 local women who had gathered to celebrate the official opening of the Twongere Umusaruro Cupping Lab and give thanks.
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Sustainable Harvest to hold first silent auction

Specialty coffee importer Sustainable Harvest has announced its first silent auction, La Lucha, which will feature micro-lots from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Colombia. The auction will take place during the Specialty Coffee Expo being hosted from 19 to 22 April in Seattle, United States.
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