Hiroia scale

Hiroia scales up

The latest brewing scale from Hiroia is helping baristas track their brewing technique with greater visibility and more consistency.   Much like baking, brewing requires detailed measurements to achieve accurate results, including precise water temperature and volume, and the particular coarseness of the ground coffee. To help measure such variables, scales are a barista’s best friend. 
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How Satake sorts the good beans form the bad

In the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, golden chocolate eggs are placed on an eggdicator scale to determine if they’re good or bad. Good eggs are shipped out. Bad eggs go down the garbage chute into the incinerator. Even spoilt child Veruca Salt is sent down the garbage chute. When it comes to separating good green or roasted beans from bad, the same theory applies using Satake’s range of optical sorters.  Sid Jain, Satake Australia’s Optical Sorting Sales Engineer, says having a clean bean is the difference between a good flavour in the cup and an excellent one. 
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Starbucks opens café built from recycled shipping containers in Taiwan

Starbucks has opened a 320-square-metre, two-story store in Taiwan built that uses 29 shipping containers to form its structure. It is the first retailer to open a storefront in the yet-to-be launched Hualien Bay Mall. “This drive thru location is built to meet customer needs, both today and in the long-term,” Starbucks says in a press release.
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