texture milk perfect pour

How to texture milk and perform the perfect pour

Mocopan Coffee’s Babin Gurung on how to effectively train a new barista to texture milk and build confidence in their ability to perform a perfect pour. As confident as you are in your barista role, teaching someone new the basics of coffee making can be a challenge. Something like milk texturing may come second nature to you, but for a beginner, it might sound like rocket science. That’s why knowing something and teaching it are two very different skill sets. An experienced barista needs to have both.
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Automation reigns supreme in Barista Vs Machine competition

Veneziano Coffee Roasters hosted a Barista vs. Machine latte art smackdown on 25 July at Brew Bar in Canberra to test human skill and automation. Sixteen contestants went head to head in the smackdown event. Of the pair, one competitor was selected to use automation, using the Puqpress tamping device and Übermilk milk steamer, with the other using traditional methods of hand tamping and texturing on the espresso machine. Each had to prepare two milk coffees that were judged on speed, latte art, wastage. Joe Chalhoub of Barista Group, Ben Romeril of Veneziano Coffee Roasters and 2018 Australian Barista Champion Craig Simon judged the competition.
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