Help DineSmart2018 fight homelessness this Christmas

Cafés and restaurants can now sign up for DineSmart 2018, a campaign that sees venues ask diners to leave a small donation to fight homelessness on their bill. Since 2003, the annual DineSmart campaign has seen restauranteurs partner with their diners in the lead up to Christmas to raise funds and support their local community. Together, DineSmart and its partners have helped StreetSmart raise more than $5 million for 569 grassroots homeless organisations, sparking a number of innovative projects that are leading local responses to homelessness.
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Square One Coffee Roasters thinks outside the box

Square One Coffee Roasters is committed to customer growth by delivering education that’s more visual than theoretical, and more personable than automated. Square One Coffee Roaster’s Head Roaster Elika Rowell visits customers once a week – not just to ensure they’re upholding best coffee practices, but to create a common connection with baristas. “We want to remove the idea that roasters sit on a pedestal, and only roast behind the scenes. We want to get out in front of our customers and be available to share our knowledge in a way that’s more direct and personable than a phone call or email,” Elika says.
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