Pete Licata

Former World Barista Champion Pete Licata joins Nomad Coffee Group

Nomad Coffee Group has announced that 2013 World Barista Champion Pete Licata will join its team as Research and Development Coffee Consultant.  Pete will join the Nomad Coffee Group team with a clear goal of championing and deepening the coffee culture, knowledge and passion across the Group’s three brands: Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Coffee Hit, and Black Bag Roasters. 
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Veneziano to launch cold brew range at MICE

Veneziano Coffee Roasters has announced it will launch a new range of cold brew coffee at the 2019 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) from 7 to 9 February. Brewed over 24 hours to create a smooth full-bodied coffee, the range include three flavours – Hibiscus, Blood Orange, and Apple, Ginger and Rosella.
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Veneziano coffee

Veneziano Coffee all under one roof

Visiting Veneziano Coffee Richmond is a unique experience. Passing its roastery operations, cupping lab and a smaller interactive micro roastery, you are welcomed into its newly opened 80-seat dining space. But that’s not all Veneziano Coffee Roasters has to offer, with a state-of-the-art training studio upstairs. Veneziano’s training school runs three sessions a day, covering everything from the barista basics to roasting and cupping.
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Craig Simon

2018 Australian Barista Champion Craig Simon has a game plan

Competitions are one of the most rewarding growth experiences available to a barista. They’re scary, fun, tough, and competitive, but highly worth trying to benchmark your skills and putting yourself in a challenging position.  The hardest part about starting your competition campaign is knowing where to start. Competing can be quite a daunting process: standing up in front of a panel of judges, displaying your skills to professionals and in some cases, presenting a speech with the countdown clock and flashing cameras in your peripheral. The key to starting your competition preparation, however, is to do just that – start. 
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Shinsaku Fukayama of St Ali ready to compete in World Latte Art Championship

Australian Latte Art Champion Shinsaku Fukayama of St Ali is ready to share his talent with the world. The two-time ASCA Australian latte art will make his way to Brazil on 3 November to participate in the World Latte Art Championship (WLAC), taking place at International Coffee Week in Belo Horizonte from 7 to 9 November. “When I said I wanted to be a champion five years ago I meant it,” Shin says. “I’m ready. I’m so close now and extremely happy with what I’ve achieved to get to this point. I’m so happy. I dreamed big and my dream to compete on the world stage is nearly a reality.”
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Veneziano Coffee Roasters Richmond

Before even stepping inside Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ new café, those familiar with the roasting headquarters would recognise significant changes: a six-metre floor-to-ceiling window carved into the walls, and the brand’s iconic wings symbol inviting passersby to step inside the huge River Street Richmond building and explore. From the moment you open the door, the café layout takes you on a journey. Upon entry, Veneziano’s roastery is in full view with workers operating the large Diedrich roaster. Continue walking and see the roasting and green coffee buying teams tasting new roasts in the cupping room. Look to the right, and an interactive micro-roastery delivers small batches of roasted coffee. Look overhead, and you’ll see Veneziano’s barista training studio. It’s at this point the large café space greets you straight ahead. 
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Veneziano Richmond makes world’s best coffee shop design list

Design and architecture magazine Wallpaper has included Veneziano Coffee Richmond in it’s The world’s best coffee shops for design lovers list. Veneziano opened the Melbourne café to the public on 30 July. Located on River Street in Richmond, the venue features an 80-seat dining space, roastery and barista training studio all under the one roof.
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