Seven Miles CSEC study shuts down espresso myth

A new study from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters and a leading Australian university has revealed a myth exists behind using designer water in espresso coffee. Stripping down and manipulating the chemical balance in water is something widely done in elite coffee-making competitions but Dr Adam Carr of the Seven Miles Coffee Science and Education Centre (CSEC) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have revealed the practice may be moot.
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Water treatment around Australia

Dr. Monika Fekete explores what occurs in the water treatment process and how new additions and omissions can impact water flavour and coffee profiles. One spring morning I went for a leisurely 20-kilometre walk around the Maroondah Reservoir, a pristine lake near the Yarra Valley, north-east of Melbourne. Read More

Water hardness made easy

By Dr. Monika Fekete, Founder of Australian Coffee Science Lab. Water makes a long journey to get to our drinking tap – from its starting point as rainfall over mountains, through the natural environment, treatment plants, and pipes. Along the way, it picks up a little bit of everything it touches, including minerals, rust, and organic residues.
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