Teo Jo-Hann of Laika Coffee wins Western Australian AeroPress competition

Teo Jo-Hann of Laika Coffee Roasters has won the 2018 Western Australian AeroPress Championship, co-hosted by Laika and Micrology Coffee Roasters on 7 September. “I participated in the 2017 WA Regionals and that was my first AeroPress competition. It was such a fun event I decided to participate again this year,” Jo-Hann says. Gary Sawyer of Coffee Fusion was runner up and Phil Warnes placed third.
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World AeroPress Championship

2018 World AeroPress Championship announces November date

The 2018 World AeroPress Championship (WAC) will be held at Commune in Sydney on 17 November. Following the completion of 140 events across the globe, 61 national champions have emerged. Hosted by Sydney’s Single O, WAC says the competition will be one of its biggest to date.
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