Taste Baguette

Most city-based cafés are right in the thick of high-rise buildings, traffic jams and busy office workers, but not Taste Baguette.

The small hole-in-the-wall venue is located in Adelaide’s city centre, but a visit here will take you far away from anything resembling hustle and bustle. Inside, the furniture is warm, rustic and exposed with the tables made from train track railings.

While the space may appear hidden and small, what looms beyond the front counter and ovens is a courtyard out the back to catch the spring rays of sunshine.

“Taste Baguette is more than a café, it’s a place where people come to eat, drink delicious coffee and socialise,” Head Barista Marco Micelli says.

Marco has worked at the café for the past year and describes the venue as “inviting with a great coffee focus”.

“I’d been travelling around the United Kingdom and was looking for work when I first fell in love with coffee,” he says. “I eventually came back to Adelaide and I’m happy to see that it’s an evolving coffee culture that’s feeding off Melbourne and Sydney’s booming coffee scenes. There’s specialty coffee shops popping up all over Adelaide, we’re catching up.”

Taste Baguette serves Campos Coffee’s Superior Blend, which combines Colombian, Papua New Guinean, and African beans. “It has a nice toffee base with fruity notes through its body and butterscotch notes to finish. It’s a fantastic blend,” Marco says.

To keep customers intrigued Marco changes the Campos Coffee blend regularly to give a taste of what’s new and seasonal. Single origin coffees are also rotated on the café’s La Marzocco Linea.

“What I love about Campos is the detail they know and share about their coffee. They make sure we as baristas understand the product so that we can educate our customers,” Marco says.

Anyone walking through the venue will no doubt melt at the smell of freshly baked bread out of the kitchen’s ovens. As the name suggests Taste Baguette makes a large selection of tasty baguettes, just ask Marco. “We serve chicken schnitzel baguettes, prosciutto baguettes, boiled egg and salmon baguette, the list goes on,” he says.

A delectable range of pastries is also available for those with a sweet tooth.

“No matter if someone is indulging in our food or coffee, we want them to feel relaxed. We’ve established a really close community here that’s more like a second home where people are free to express themselves,” Marco says.

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