Tea Masters Cup comes to Australia

The inaugural international Tea Masters Cup to be held in Australia is set to showcase Australian talent in brewing and serving tea.

Initially launched in Moscow in 2013, Tea Masters Cup is an exciting new international competition for tea professionals. National championships have already been held in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Vietnam, South Korea, and soon Australia will be added to the list.

“We are keen to expose a whole new scene within the local tea industry,” said Sharyn Johnston, Founder of Australian Tea Masters, and Advisory Board Member for Tea Masters Cup. “This competition is the first of its kind ever run in Australia. What is really interesting, is the growing interest from leading baristas wanting to try their hand at brewing tea in a style that reflects their individual personality and flair.”

The event will be hosted at Meat Market in North Melbourne on 15 May 2016.

The competition will see only 20 tea enthusiasts compete, demonstrating their skills in the art of tea preparation.

Participants can choose to compete in any or all of the three event categories: tea brewing, tea and food pairing, and tea tasting.

One winner will take the Australian title and tickets to compete in the Tea Masters Cup International World Competition, taking place in South Korea on 9 June 2016.

Interested participants are invited to register via the Tea Masters Cup Australia website.

The event is also open to spectators. Tickets available via this link.

The competition aims to expand knowledge about tea, promote different varieties of tea, and encourage new approaches to preparing and serving tea.

For more information about Tea Masters Cup Australia click here. For more information of the world competition click here.

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