Australian-designed The Brew Bar sparks international attention

Former Espresso Mechanic’s Geoff Michelmore and Airport Retail Enterprises’ (ARE) Brett Mckimmin have joined forces to launch The Brew Bar. Five years ago Geoff had an idea – one of his better ones, he says. “I wanted to create an under-the-bench coffee machine and transform the way people experience coffee drinking,” Geoff says.
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Sanremo Opera

Sanremo Opera dreams big

When the curtain was raised on the new Sanremo Opera machine at the Host Milan expo in October 2013, the audience was treated to a history-making performance. “An opera represents lots of instruments put together to make a wonderful sound. And just like the great opera singers of Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo, we put together the best in the business, of baristas and engineers. Together their voices make an unbelievable sound too,” says Carlo de Sordi, Sales and Marketing Sanremo Italy.
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