Flo-Smart Beverage Solutions

Improve profits and reduce waste with Flo-Smart Beverage Solutions

Flo-Smart Beverage Solutions is helping cafés work smarter, reduce waste, drive efficiency, and improve profits through a contactless automated beverage dispensing system. Good technology will do more than just the role it was designed to fill. It will have a holistic effect, improving the process and efficiency of the business or its user.
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three pence coffee roasters

Three Pence Coffee Roasters: Worth every penny

Three Pence Coffee Roasters talks to BeanScene about taking the leap to Imf roasting equipment and the value in staying connected to its customers. There’s an obvious sign when it’s time to take the next step in growing a business. It could be high volume of sales or the need to employ more staff. For Anthony Preston of Three Pence Roasters, however, it was when his wife took one look at the family garage filled with palates of green beans and said, “enough is enough”.
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mazzer kony s grinder

Mazzer releases the Kony S grinder

Mazzer has packaged its latest developments in grinder technology in a compact size with the launch of the Kony S. In 2017, Italian grinder manufacturer Mazzer set out to completely renovate its product range. It began with the release of its updated Robur S and Kold S conical burr grinders. Not long after, Mazzer followed with the flat-burr Major V and the completion of its S line of conical grinders, the Kony S.
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brambati ecodesign

Brambati brings Ecodesign to coffee roasters

Italian roasting manufacturer Brambati is implementing Ecodesign into its manufacturing processes to reduce its environmental footprint from the inside out. In the international coffee industry, sustainability has become a major focus across all levels of the supply chain. The push for a greener future has manifested in many forms, including an increase in demand for reusable or recycled cups, businesses choosing to adopt solar power, and the development of more biodegradable products.
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australian coffee roasters loring

Why Australian coffee roasters love Loring

Loring roasters have connected with the Australian and New Zealand coffee industry, thanks to their emphasis on control, carbon footprint, and quality in the cup. Since emerging in the coffee roasting market in the 2000s, Loring has developed a strong reputation across the globe for its efficiency, quality, and sustainability.
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The rise of Puqpress

Puqpress automates the coffee tamping process using advanced technology to solve a simple problem and take pressure off the barista. Jackup rigs are huge ships that weigh tens of thousands of tonnes. Once set up in the middle of the ocean, these behemoths raise themselves above sea level using long and sturdy stilts that shoot down to the ocean floor.
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Concrete jungle: Turning coffee into concrete

Civil engineering students from RMIT University are replacing sand in cement mixture with coffee grounds to reduce landfill and ease the strain on the world’s sand supplies. Just as the world’s viable coffee producing regions are under threat due to climate change, the world’s sand supplies are also diminishing.
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