Territory Government awards tender to reduce take away coffee cups 

The Northern Territory Government has awarded a $23,825 tender to The Good Good Way initiative to continue reducing single use plastics. 

The Territory Government will work with cafés and food and beverage outlets to trial the reusable coffee cup system and help cafés owners learn how it can be integrated into their business as an alternative to take away cups. Customers can simply borrow a cup for a small deposit and return it at any participating café.

“We are excited to bring our solution to the NT, helping cafés and coffee drinkers cut down on single-use waste for clean waterways and healthy forests. Join us in making a positive impact with our convenient borrow-and-return system – one reusable cup at a time,” says The Good Good Way Director Jonas Benedikt.

The trial will run until July and if successful, businesses can choose to continue. It is hoped up to 30 businesses will take part.

Reducing single use plastics is part of the Territory Labor Government’s plan to create a circular economy. It is expected 52,500 single use coffee cups and lids will be prevented from going into landfill during the trial.

“We know there are alternatives to single use plastics that we have become accustomed to using for so long,” says Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water Security Kate Worden.

“The Circular Economy Strategy is in place to turn waste into a valuable resource, which means it is kept out of the environment where it can cause harm and inside the economy where it can create value, jobs and growth.”

In Budget 2024, the Circular Economy Strategy 2022-27 received $300,000. The Strategy encourages innovation and adoption of reuse, resource recovery, and recycling technology through partnerships and collaborations.

The Territory Government has committed to phasing out certain problematic single use plastics by 2025.

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