The Alternative Barista Smackdown WA winner announced

The Alternative Dairy Co

Kadi Jayne has won The Alternative Dairy Co’s Western Australia Alternative Barista Smackdown, which took place on 24 November at Darkstar Coffee Roasters in Perth, Western Australia.

Kartika Zhuang came in second place and Thiam Seng  Chew in third place.

The Perth coffee community supported in numbers with 32 baristas ready to show off their Alternative plant-based latte art with over 70 spectators supporting from the sidelines.

Each contender competed in a head-to-head battle showcasing three patterns decided by the judges. Each competitor poured patterns with three different Alternative Dairy Co milks, with the best out of the three being the overall winner.

The judges deemed the winner, Kadi Jayne, executed the best patterns with soy, almond and oat milk and she received $1000 in prize money.

Judging the panel were Jibbi Little, 2019 ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion, Ru Teow from Laika Coffee Western Region Cup Tasters 2020, Rie Moustakas 2014 Australian Latte Art Champion.

The next Alternative Barista Smackdown in the national tour will take place on 20 February 2023 at Kindred Coffee Adelaide, South Adelaide.

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